Goals of this workshop

The WMO Services Commission and the Secretariat are working to implement training initiatives in each WMO region regarding Impacts-based Forecast and Warning Service and disaster risk reduction as part of the implementation of WMO Public Weather Services Competencies. This online workshop, available for offering in each region, will play an important role in achieving these goals.  This workshop wis designed to bring together NMHS staff and members of national and local Civil Protection Agencies in each region to strengthen coordination in disaster risk management, particularly by communicating appropriate hydrometeorological information with users for decision making for DRR. Using county-specific participatory activities and tools to ensure fluid communication among participants to enhance the broad applicability of the workshop format, the workshop aims to increase sharing of good practices in DRR among WMO Members and to encourage the development of effective DRR strategies for each Member.

Another outcome of the workshop will be the promotion of stronger in-country interaction on an ongoing basis by the participants of the workshop and their other national partners. It is important to work implement such national workshops, using techniques provided in this course, to guide continuous improvement of national DRR systems.

Last modified: Wednesday, 25 November 2020, 9:12 AM