Assignment for Module 3: Analyzing a DRR Event

During this important activity of the workshop, you will investigate a past case that demonstrates the strengths, and perhaps some weaknesses, in your national DRR practices. 

Selecting a case

  • Select a recent high-impact event that in your country
  • Choose an event in which the team members participating in the workshop were involved

Gathering Resources

It is expected that the participants gather all the records of the event to be analysed. 

  • The Meteorological Services should collect the different forecast and warning products that were issued, as well as the data products that these forecasts and warnings were based on. Also include a general summary of the meteorological situation. 
  • The Civil Protection institutions should collect all information that refers to internal and external actions  they carried out
  • Both meteorological services and civil protection institutions should gather all information on impacts  that verify the severity of this event.
  • Meteorological services and civil protection institutions should work together to outline the communications that took place between them and other DRR partners. 

Detailed description

Each team prepares a joint presentation of the case study, containing a brief description of the meteorological event, a table or diagram associating the different components of risk management together with the products issued by the Meteorological Services, along with the internal and external actions of the Civil Protection institutions. Lastly, the presentation should include a brief report of the impacts associated with this event.

See the available templates in the Examples and Templates section to guide you in preparing your case. 

Because this is activity involves application and integration, it is expected that the organizations work with the specific documents that each possesses for the chosen event.

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