Module 4 Assignments: Reflecting on Challenges and Opportunities

In the final assignment you are asked to work with your team, and also with all the other teams in the workshop, to prepare a Stregths, Weakness, Opportunities, and Threats analysis. This analysis is explained in the Module 4 readings. 

We will come together to discuss the SWOT analysis as a group during a workshop webinar. 

1.       Prior to the video conference, each national team should collaboratively develop a short SWOT analysis on their status of implementation of a national Integrated DRR system, using the guidelines provided. Participants should be prepared to discuss their SWOT analysis during the Webinar. The analysis results should be sent to the organizers in advance to allow them to compile a collective SWOT looking for common elements and unique national aspects, as well as stimulating discussion on the individual team and collective results.

2.       The video conference offers a Course Closure and  requires coordination among all participants. You will be provided links to join the conference. 

3.       Based on the results from Modules 1-3 of the workshop, each task team should create questions to stimulate exchange and debate during the conference. It is important that all participants from the national teams attend the video conference and that each national team define topics of interest in advance for debate with the rest of the teams.  

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