Module 2 Assignments: DRR Communications and Actions

  1. Each national team will meet, in person or remotely, to complete a table documenting in detail the DRR processes involved in creation, delivery and utilization of at least four NMHS products intended for use by Civil Protection Agencies.
  2. The NMHS Products to Civil Protection Actions Table (see template) should be completed either from left-to-right (product to actions) or from right-to-left (actions to products utilized in taking those action). Using a mixture of these sequences may help different issues to emerge.
  3. The final Table of Products to Actions will be developed collaboratively and delivered as a PowerPoint for sharing with the other course participants.
  4. Teams will also develop a diagram of Communication Channels used by the national DRR system for communicating to responsible agencies and the public. Different diagrams might be required for different agencies, and existing overlaps examined and explained.
  5.  Each national team will develop a list of findings from the exercise with recommendations for follow up and share this with the course organizers and participants, along with the table.

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