Module 1 Assignments: Getting to Know Your DRR Partners

Understanding the regulatory framework and organizational structure of each institution, as well as the national framework, allows for acknowledgment between the institutions involved in risk management. Developing these assignments encourages institutional understanding and interaction.

  • Use the Discussion forum for comments and questions related to each of the recommended readings and the assignments. Also use the Forum to share Assignment documents. 
  • Each participant will prepare a written presentation must be submitted to the forum to share their professional background and primary function in the organization. 
  • Each National Team will make a presentation to the course participants, including
    • The mission of each organization
    • Responsibilities of the organizations
    • Functional structure of the organizations represented by each team member
    • Provide any available official documents on the institutional structure. 
  • Each team develops an additional map of how the organizations work together in the national system. This map should include other relevant organizations, event  if they are not represented in the team.

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