2.3.1 Collaborative writing using Wiki


3. Instruction

Creating a Wiki

  1. On your course page, click Turn editing on (top right). Editing icons and links will appear.
  2. Click + Add an activity or resource. The Activity chooser will open.
  3. In the Activity chooser, select Wiki. A description will be displayed at right.
  4. Click Add. The Adding a new Wiki page will open.
  5. On the Adding a new Wiki page, in the Wiki name field, enter a name for the wiki (required). 
  6. In the Description field, provide instructions or background information for your students (required).
  7. In the General areaconfigure the following settings:
    • Wiki mode:
      Use the drop-down menu to choose between Standard (collaborative) or individual (personal). 
      Note: Once the Wiki activity has been created, this setting cannot be changed.
    • First page name:
      Enter a name for the wiki homepage. Note: This name cannot be changed later.
  8. Click the Format heading to expand it. Configure the following settings:
    • Default format:
      Choose the markup format for how text is formatted when editing a page. HTML Format is recommended.
    • Force format:
      Controls whether the markup format will be used for all pages of the wiki (Recommended).
  9. To assign the wiki activity to a group of students within your class, click the Common module settings heading to expand it and configure the settings.
    Note: You must first create the groups.
  10. Click Save and return to course.