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File 2016 Report - Nigeria External Review Report of FUTA and MRTI
File 2018 Follow up - Self-assessment Questionnaire for RTCs
File Self-assessment Questionnaire for RTCs January 2018 FUT Akure 2018
File New Students Handbook RTC 2018
File 2.2-BIP-MT Compliance Mapping
File 1.1-Training needs
File 1.1-Personnel Training Needs Request- Response
File 1.1-Research Needs Working Group 4
File 1.1- Training needs Form
File 1.1-Rsearch Needs-Working GROUP 5
File 2.1-Course allocations
File 2.1-Course descriptions
File 2.1- Course Allocation
File 2.1-Admission Letters and Estimated Cost
File 2.1-Admission Letter
File 2.1-Course Description
File 2.2-Course Offerings for 2018
File 2.2-External Examiners and Adjunct Lecturers
File 2.2-Appointment as External-Adjunct Lecturers
File 2.2-NBTE Expression of interest letter
File 2.2-Strategic Development Committee-
File 2.2-Course content
File 2.2-NiMet Strategic Impact Plan
File 2.3-Students Handbook RTC 2018
File 3.2c-Staff Training and Manpower Development
File 3.2c-Staff training and Develpoment
File 3.2b-Katsina Climate Change Centre Approval Letter
File 3.1-Statistics of Regional Students served
File 3.2-Teaching and IT Infrastructoure
File 3.2a-Academic qualifications and Staff List
File 3.2a-Academic Qualification and Staff Profile
File 3.2b-Physical and IT Infrastructure
File 3.2b-Curriculum vitea of key Faculty Members
File 3.2b-Academic qualification of some RTC Staff
File 4.2-New Students Handbook RTC 2018
File 4.1-Assesses the knowledge and competency of students
File 4.1: Question paper, BIP 121-Upper Air Observation
File 4.1: Marking scheme BIP 121-Upper Air Observation
File 4.1-Examination Question MET411
File 4.1-External Examiners Report 2014
File 4.1-Employers rating1
File 4.1- Marking Scheme MET 411
File 4.2b-Evaluation report
File 4.2-Old Curriculum for RTC
File 4.2-Quality Assurance
File 4.2-WASCAL Curriculum
File 4.2-Old and Revised Curriculum
File 5.1-2018 Training and Research Plan
File 5.1-Organizationa Structure of RTC
File 5.1-Training and Research focus 2018 Approval
File 5.1- Staff Training Records
File 5.1-Plan to upgrade centre to OND
File 5.3-2017 Annual Report of RTC Oshodi
File 5.4-2016 MRTI Oshodi Report
File 5.4-MoU Between NiMet Nigeria and DWR Gambia
File 5.2-ISO 29990-2010 Ongoing Training Processes
File Additional Information 9E- Regional Post graduate training -WASCAL Admission Letter 1
File Additional Information 9h-Feedback Reports
File Additional Information 9i-Hostel Warden and Managers
File Additional Information 9g- Evaluation Forms-Questionnaires
File Additional Information 9F -Report on Complaince and Mapping Exercise
File Adiitional Information 5-Appointment of Adjunct Lecturers
File Additional Information 10 -MoU between NiMet and FUTA
File Additional 5- Climate change resources centre Katsina Take Off Schedule Timeline
File Additional Indormation 10d-Graduated of 71 Nigerian Meteorological Technicians in 2017
File Additional Information 5 Appointment Letter of Clinical Staff
File Additional information 9a -Nomination of ETR FP
File Additional Information 9C-Liberian Trained Certificate.
File Additional Information 9b- Appointment Letter on Sabbatical
File Additional Information 8 -MoU between NiMet and FUTA
File Additional Information 9c-Appointment Letter FUTA Staff
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File 2.2-BIP-M Compliance Mapping
File 3.1-2017 Annual Report from RTC Akure
File 3.2b-C.V. FUTA Staff
File 3.2b-Staff Development2
File 3.2b-Staff Development
File 5.1-Strategic Training Plan
File 5.1-Staff training and Development
File 5.2-NUC Accreditation 2014
File 5.2-NUC Accreditation 2006
File 5.2- Staff Training and Development2
File 5.3 -2017 Annual Report from RTC Akure
File Additional information 9a -Nomination of ETR FP
File Additional Information 9b -MoU between NiMet and FUTA
File Additional Information 9c-FUTA Staff as Adjunct Lecturers for RTC Oshodi
File Additional Information 9c-Appointment Letter FUTA Staff
File Additional Information 9d- Appointment Letter on Sabbatical