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File Information Note
File (Tentative) Agenda
File (Tentative) Workplan
Folder EC Panel 28 Final Report
Pre-session and Supporting Documents Folder EC Panel Docs in WORD Format
Folder EC Panel Docs in PDF Format
Folder EC Panel Docs Introductory PPTs
Folder ETR Related Cg and EC Resolutions and Decisions
Folder Reports of the Previous EC Panel Meetings
28th Session of EC Panel File Doc-1: Agenda and Workplan
File Tentative Agenda
File Tentative Workplan
File TOR EC Panel ETR
File Doc-2: Discussions on ETRP Priorities and Changing Organizational Context
File Introduction of Doc-2
File Doc-3: WMO Global Campus
File Introduction of Doc-3
File WMO Global Campus Feasibility Study Status 30 04 2018
File Doc-4: Overall Support to Capacity Development in WMO
File Introduction of Doc-4
File Doc-5: Review of Basic Instructional Packages and WMO Competency Frameworks
File Introduction of Doc-5
File Doc-6: WMO Fellowships Programme, Training Activities, and Regional Training Centres
File Introduction of Doc-6
File Doc-7: Review of Actions, Briefings on and Plan for the EC-70, and Closure of the Meeting
File Meeting Outcomes Table
Follow-up URL RTC Nigeria Review - Followup
Follow up - Review of RTC in Nigeria File 2016 Report - Nigeria External Review Report of FUTA and MRTI
File 2.1- Admission Letters and Estimated Cost
File 2.1-Course descriptions
File 2.2- Course Offerings for 2018
File Follow up - Self-assessment Questionnaire for RTCs
File 1.1-Personnel Training Needs Request- Response
File 1.1- Training needs
File 2.1-Course allocations
File 2.2-External Examiners and Adjunct Lecturers
File 2.2-Appointment as External-Adjunct Lecturers
File 2.2-NBTE Expression of interest letter
File 2.2-Strategic Development Committee-
File 2.3-Students Handbook RMTC 2018-
File 3.2c-Staff Training and Manpower Development
File 3.2c- Staff training and Develpoment
File 3.2b-Katsina Climate Change Centre Approval Letter
File 3.1-Statistics of Regional Students served
File 3.2a-Academic qualifications and Staff List
File 3.2b- Physical and IT Infrastructure
File 3.2b -Curriculum vitea of key Faculty Members
File 3.2b-Academic qualification of some RMTC Staff
File 4.2- New Students Handbook RMTC 2018
File 4.1-Assesses the knowledge and competency of students
File 4.2b- Evaluation report
File 4.2-Old Curriculum for RMTC
File 5.1-2018 Training and Research Plan
File 5.1- Organizationa Structure of RMTC
File 5.1 -Training and Research focus 2018 Approval
File 5.1- Staff Training Records
File 5.1-Plan to upgrade centre to OND
File 5.3 -2017 Annual Report of RTC Oshodi
File 5.4 -MoU Between NiMet Nigeria and DWR Gambia
File 5.2-ISO 29990-2010 Ongoing Training Processes
File Additional Information 9E- Regional Post graduate training -WASCAL Admission Letter 1
File Additional Information 9h-Feedback Reports
File Additional Information 9i-Hostel Warden and Managers
File Additional Information 9g- Evaluation Forms-Questionnaires
File Additional Information 9F -Report on Complaince and Mapping Exercise
File Adiitional Information 5-Appointment of Adjunct Lecturers
File Additional Information 10 -MoU between NiMet and FUTA
File Additional 5- Climate change resources centre Katsina Take Off Schedule Timeline
File Additional Indormation 10d-Graduated of 71 Nigerian Meteorological Technicians in 2017
File Additional Information 5 Appointment Letter of Clinical Staff
File Additional information 9a -Nomination of ETR FP
File Additional Information 9C-Liberian Trained Certificate.
File Additional Information 9b- Appointment Letter on Sabbatical
File Additional Information 8 -MoU between NiMet and FUTA